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  • Sleeve Tattoo
  • Sleeve tattoo 2137
  • Sleeve Tattoo



Temporary Tattoo : Colorful tattoo

Temporary Tattoo Sleeve Various sizes of sticker which fit your body shape.
Dazzling declaration for Beach party, Halloween party and Carnival Temporary Tattoo Sleeve
Temporary Tattoo Sleeve Highly recommend for those who want to have a Temporary Tattoo with the appearance of real tattoos.
The Temporary Tattoo Sticker prints with high quality material which is safe, waterproof and non-toxic to human.
Duration time : 2~7days (depends on the position where you apply the sticker)


1. Make sure the skin is clean, dry and free of lotions or oils. (Free of hair if possible too)
2. Remove the Clear protective top sheet.
3. Design face down, and press the tattoo firmly onto skin, do not twist or stretch the skin.
4. Use a wet cloth to press against the back of the tattoo paper for 30 seconds, make sure to wet it thoroughly.
5. Peel off paper backing carefully.
6. Gently rinse the tattooed skin with water for best effect.

Simply apply household rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, baby oil or olive oil onto the tattoo area, leave it for about 30 seconds.
Rub away tattoo with cotton ball or cloth. Raise the skin with soap water.
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