Sleeve Temporary Tattoo

Birds Temporary Tattoo

3 Reviews

Fake tattoo: Sleeve Fake tattoo

Birds Temporary Tattoo

Size : 23 X 16 cm

Applied as ink transfers with the help of water, quick and easy to apply.
Inexpensive ways for people to express their personality with the appearance of real tattoos.
Printed with high quality material, it's durable and changeable.
Waterproof, safe and non-toxic.
Size: 220x160mm
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3 Reviews

BadA for the night
Bought these for a Halloween bachelorette party where we all dressed up like themed barbies. I was badA biker Barbie, splattered myself with these tats and a leather jacket and got a ton of compliments. Great color transfer, easy application, didnt wear off during a night of partying or even a few days after. I dont have any real tattoos but due to these tattoos I am seriously considering one now.

Flower Temporary Tattoos Stickers Lotus Cherry Blossoms Flash T
very good

These are cool to put on at a moments notice without the ...
These are cool to put on at a moments notice without the permanent problem, I really like that option and they are very feminine and quite pretty

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